Hexa AI is a digital signage powered by AI. Imagine personalized greetings in hotels, real-time retail offers, and AI-powered healthcare guidance. Across industries, AI propels digital signage to a game-changer. It is transforming digital signage from static displays to dynamic, data-driven tools that can significantly impact sales, investments, and overall business continuity across various sectors.

Generative AI in digital signage

Generative AI in digital signage enhances urban living by providing dynamic information displays with live updates on transportation, traffic, weather, and events. It ensures public safety with critical emergency alerts and supports inclusivity with multilingual information. Real-time environmental monitoring raises awareness about air quality and pollution, promoting sustainability. Additionally, it fosters community engagement by facilitating citizen feedback and promoting civic involvement.


Face detection and crowd demographics

Hexa AI uses edge computing to perform real-time analysis locally, without external servers. A compact edge device processes live video from a camera, running pre-trained machine learning models directly on the device. It can also adapt its models based on new data over time, enhancing accuracy.

Smart Parking Integration - Digital signage

Smart parking integration with digital signage uses sensors or cameras to detect vehicle movement, ensuring accurate updates on available spaces. This system benefits drivers, businesses, and the environment by displaying real-time space availability, reducing the frustration of searching for parking. It directs drivers to open spaces, reducing congestion and wasted time. Additionally, parking operators gain data-driven insights into usage patterns, optimizing signage placement and overall parking management.


Geo-location-based ads

Geo-location-based ads identify the screen’s location using GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation, or beacon technology, and deliver relevant advertisements based on criteria like demographics, local events, weather, or user preferences. By integrating with programmatic ads and AI, these ads enable real-time audience analysis and dynamic content optimization, enhancing engagement and ROI through personalized experiences. Benefits include increased sales, improved targeting and relevance, enhanced customer experience, competitive advantage, and revenue-sharing models.

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